Doja Cat is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Her skillset is heavily assorted, and so is her fashion sense.

Many celebrities have swarmed the internet with their presence, creating a lack of distinctiveness. With everyone following the on-going fashion trends, standing out has become a mission for many. One artist to overcome this barrier to express her enriched style is Doja Cat.

Doja’s internet-girl aesthetic has caused a frenzy worldwide, and is someone who pushes the limit with her experimented looks. Wigs, shoes, outfits, Doja has it all in her arsenal. Her diverse fashion palette is a mix of cuteness and a barbie doll aesthetic.

The TikTok famed artist mentions that her style does not originate form designers or other legends, but from 70’s furniture designer Verner Panton.

Let’s take a look at how Doja captures the audience with her street style.

Woman in Black and Cream

Doja Cat in all black.

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Who knew the colour black could be so adventurous? Here we have Doja covered up in a flowy black and cream coat featuring leather and fleece. Her style has balance and comfort with a cozy leather jacket, silver tresses, and a slashed tee shirt. Down below, she rocks a pair of loose pants with red, white, and brown crosshatching, garnishing the sides with brown cuffs below. She matches her trousers with her shirt, which is also in shades of black, brown, and red. Doja accessorises herself with silver hair covered with a grey-knit cap, door-knocker earrings, and square, purple tinted shades.

Less is More

Doja Cat takes the street at her birthday party.

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There are a lot of Disney princesses such as Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Cinderella. Inspired by the Disney Film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” Doja dressed up as Princess Kida. Doja is wearing a simple, turquoise, strapless bandeau as the top. The bottoms is covered with a sarong type skirt with slits looking like drapes. She accessorises her look with a gold band on her left arm, the same one Princess Kida wears as well, a massive green stone on a brown string hanging down her neck, and black lace-up heels.

Ooo, Glittery

Doja Cat at a cookout.

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There are different outfits you can wear at cookouts, such as a pair of leggings, a crop top, a nice little dress… Not Doja though. She is wearing a silver coat covered in glitter, and matching glittery pants. Her bra looks like as if it has been cut out from the same cloth as the coat. The talented artists seals off her outfit with white leather sneakers, which strangely compliments the outfit well. Her bright pink shocking hair cut up to her shoulder blades cancels out the repetitive colours seen in her ensemble. Doja always likes to keep it big on her neck, and this time she goes for a silver necklace with a big, thick hoop hanging down her chest.

True and Faux

Doja Cat on the street.

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It has come to a point where you have to admire the versatility of Doja’s hair. She can pull off any colour and any style, just like this outfit. Her obsession with leather continues, as she swaggers away in her long, caramel coloured leather coat. The collars as well as the cuffs of the coat have a thick, dark brown fur, that looks warm and cozy.  She continues this unique look with pieces from “Pretty Little Thing.” She is wearing a multi mesh abstract print ruched cut out top, paired with a pair of camel croc faux leather wide pants. The attire is finished off with white heels glazed with a black outline near the soles.

Which look is your favourite?

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