Colour, Colour, Colour, is the episode title of the highly anticipated web series brought to you by L’Oreal Professionnel’s and the Global Hair Community. 

On September 19th, the second episode in the web series is all about colour, hence the title. Run Le Hair Show is a series that L’Oreal Paris created to bring back and connect stylists alike to reignite the passion for fabulous hair. 

L’Oreal Paris is the leading pioneer in hair colour, and they want to connect the world with professionals alike who are colour professionals and can show you what you can do with your hair colour. 

If you’re a hair lover, a stylist and or a professional then this web series is right for you. L’Oreal is connecting you through a part web series, part talk show. 

The series will show you a fresh insight into the hair game, giving inspiration and upskilling when it comes to your hair. For a while, many of us were working from home and couldn’t go to the salon every week to get our hair blown out or coloured so we either did it ourselves and ended up falling in love with how fun it became to learn such a skill. Now, with this web series, L’Oreal is helping us by showing us more skills to try and do on our own hair. 

The web series will go through specific events like pro tips, a masterclass, interviews and much more. The masterclass is the centrepiece of the show and will feature a technical class lead by industry professionals sharing secrets to great hair. La Revenue is a segment of Run Le Hair where the show’s hosts will go over trends like street style, runways and even salon chair styles. 

With the last year being all about doing our own hair, it is nice to get a taste of the best of both worlds. Through this series not only will it help reignite people’s passion for getting their hair done at the salon, but it will give you tips and tricks to do it better while at home. The pandemic really threw a wrench into the situation when it came to salons and stylists; for over a year salons were not allowed to be open and that really put a damper on their lives as creatives, and their clients live who not only looked forward to going to the salon but looked forward to getting their hair done and feeling amazing. 

With L’Oreal Paris and the Run Le Hair show, you, your clients and all the stylist will reignite that flame that was there a year ago, and finally, be able to get back into that chair and work some magic.

Article Published by HOLR Magazine