With fall quickly approaching all the hottest trends are starting to surface. Today we are looking at the hottest hair trends for this upcoming fall. Get ready to book an appointment with your hairstylist!

Photo Credit: @gigihadid on Instagram

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids started as a big trend over the summer but are absolutely transitioning into the fall. A simple and easy to achieve look that spices up any look. While it may look classy and difficult it is quite easy. TikTok star Lindsey Gurk has been rocking this style and gave a little tutorial on just how easy it is!

Curtain Bangs and Fringe

After going viral on TikTok earlier in the year they are here to stay. The 70s fringe came back and is making waves. Whether it be a blunt or choppy fringe they are the biggest trend, and we are loving it!

Au Natural

More and more people have been embracing their natural curls. Since the TikTok trend of showing your step-by-step routine on how to maintain your natural bouncy curls, people have been going crazy for this look. Very much a Carrie Bradshaw vibe.

Speaking of au natural, many celebrities are now embracing their gray hair. It may have been staying home for the last 18 months of the pandemic, but many are embracing the true beauty of their natural hair.

Photo Credit: @iamcardib on Instagram

Chunky Highlights

90s babies are cringing that this trend is back, but here we go. Chunky Highlights are one of the biggest trends for the fall. It may be 2021 but we are living through Y2K again.


This trend is just as cute as it sounds. This is a combination of a pixie cut and a mullet, short and dainty in the front with a bit of extra length in the back.

Oversized Accessories

Millennials and older generation Gen-Z are cringing at this trend making a come-back as well, but big bows are all the rage for fall 2021. You can make a basic everyday look glam by adding a large bow to it.


A classic but remains a trend for fall 2021. It is the ideal look if you are wanting to go shorter, but you still want the freedom of doing braids or putting your hair in a ponytail. If you are having trouble picturing this length, think Rachel in Friends, which is pretty on-brand with the 90s theme that is popping up for fall.

Which hairstyle will you be testing out this fall? Have you already booked your appointment?

Published by HOLR Magazine.