L’Oréal Paris’s mission to support all women in their journey to fulfill themselves continues with their newly launched Worth ITV on Instagram.

In case you missed it, Episode 1 is already out with Aja Naomi King where she took us on a feel-good session sharing some breathing techniques to reconnect with ourselves while at home. Check it out here!

A new episode will be shared every two days on different topics and subject matters in the hopes of bringing people together and making a meaningful difference when times are tough. Other guests include Camilla Cabello showing off her yoga skills to ease stress and cope with feelings of anxiety and Helen Mirren using literature to magnify hope and courage with a monologue of Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra

L’Oréal Paris remains to support all women most especially when times are tough and one of the many ways they have done so is through WORTH ITV. With the collaborative efforts of their spokespeople through various subject matters and topic discussions, they hope to relay a meaningful difference and bring people together. 

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