The Love is Blind Season 6 reunion is coming! HOLR is breaking down the reunion looks that were seemingly just revealed online.

CAUTION: The following contains some spoilers related to Love is Blind final episode and season 6

Love is Blind Season 6 Cast

According to this TikTok video posted by user @mariahkat, the reunion looks for this season of Love is Blind have just been revealed as outlined in this related article by (images courtesy of Netflix as shown in the article).

Love is Blind Reunion

As outlined in the video, we can now see that AD, Chelsea, Jimmy, Clay, Kenneth, Brittany, Johnny, Amy, Jess, and Jeramey will seemingly be in attendance for the reunion. The article showcases all of the above contestant’s outfits for the reunion, which will be airing soon on Netflix.

The only contestants we don’t see in the article are Laura and Sarah Ann, both of which are present in the sixth season of the show. However, this does not mean that they won’t be in attendance- it is likely they will both be part of the reunion special even though the article does not show their looks. However, nothing has been officially confirmed. There is also no word yet on if other contestants, such as Matthew and Trevor, will also make an appearance at the reunion.

This reunion special will dive into the most-asked questions from this season of Love is Blind on Netflix, which saw one couple (Johnny and Amy) successfully get married in the final episode. It seems as though the pair are still wearing wedding rings from the above reunion photos so it is likely that they are still together following the season finishing filming. The hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey will likely be the ones asking the cast the questions during the reunion, as done in the past.

The reunion will reportedly air on March 13 at 6 pm PST on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the reunion looks that were just revealed?

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Image credits via @mariahkat from courtesy of Netflix