Some fans of ‘Love Is Blind’ have expressed that they want Vanessa and Nick Lachey to be removed as the show’s hosts. We investigate why unhappy fans have petitioned for the Lacheys’ removal and what could it mean.

Why are Vanessa and Nick Lachey slammed by fans?

Fans have used the platform to sign a petition to fire the American actress and her singer partner as the hosts of the famous dating show. The petition states that the inclusion of the two hosts from the very beginning “felt pretty useless and out of place.” Some fans believe that the Lacheys direct too much attention toward themselves and their personal lives rather than giving the spotlight to the deserving contestants of the show. Fans are not happy that the Lacheys steal the camera and feel that they should not have taken more screen time than the show’s participants.

Lachey couple

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The backlash against Nick Lachey is also partly attributed to him allegedly speaking badly about his ex-wife Jessica Simpson by saying “Second marriages are always best.” Fans demand that the next season of ‘Love Is Blind’ be hosted by hosts who “don’t make you want to turn off the show every time they speak.”

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As of today, the petition to remove the pair as hosts already gained more than 6,000 signatures and it seems that the number will only go up.

Are there other reasons?

According to Page Six, some fans believe that Vanessa and Nick Lachey are “biased” toward some of the cast members. There is also a genuine concern over the ethics of Vanessa Lachey asking contestants when they will “have children.” One fan tweeted that it is cringy for her to “interrogate couples about having babies.”

If someone else is chosen to replace the Lacheys, the fans’ favorites seem to be Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, two former contestants who found love in Season 1 of the Netflix show.

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