Are Chelsea and Jimmy still together? CAUTION: Love is Blind Season 6 Episode 12 spoilers ahead.

Chelsea and Jimmy Love is Blind Fight

In the newest episode drop of Love is Blind, we saw Chelsea and Jimmy engage in another fight that seemingly led to them closing this chapter on their relationship as a couple. As outlined in this TikTok video posted by user @ashleyvera_, Chelsea and Jimmy still had unresolved issues regarding Jimmy having a previously intimate relationship with one of his close friends.

During their fight, it seemed as though Chelsea airing out his alleged secret was more important to him than marrying her. “You broke my trust to the deepest degree,” said Jimmy to Chelsea, as he outlined how her stating that he f*cked his friend in the past showed disrespect toward his friend whom he was intimate with.

This was seemingly the straw that broke the camel’s back as Jimmy claimed that he could not see himself marrying Chelsea after everything they had gone through together. This led Chelsea to supposedly walk away from their relationship. It is unclear if the pair rekindled their connection as neither of them has given us any hints on social media in regard to where they are today with their current relationship status. We may have to wait and see if a reunion episode airs to find out what really happened after this final on-screen argument.

Chelsea and Jimmy Meeting

Viewers thought Jimmy was unimpressed with Chelsea from the moment they met as it seemed as though he wasn’t attracted to her. He even alleged that she “lied” to him in regard to her looks. While they were in the pods, Chelsea claimed that others had mentioned she looked like “Megan Fox” although she, herself, did not see the resemblance. Check out this clip of the pair meeting for the first time as shown in this TikTok video posted by user @cosi.cosi77

Despite this seemingly rocky start, the pair had their highs and lows throughout the series but Jimmy maintained that he was attracted to Chelsea.

Chelsea and Jimmy Love is Blind Reddit

It is unclear where the couple stands now as Chelsea left Jimmy in the finale episode and we did not see whether or not the duo were able to work out their differences and get back together. Although they did not make it down the aisle, it is unclear if the pair were able to rekindle their connection or call it quits for good. We will likely have to wait for the pair to address claims online or for the reunion episode to air before we know for sure what happened to the duo.

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