Zeta Morrison, who won season four of ‘Love Island USA’ on Peacock, recently made the announcement that she and Timmy Pandolfi are no longer together.

Image Credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock

Zeta says, “There is no more ‘Zimmy”

“Timmy and I are no longer together, so there is no more ‘Zimmy,” she explained in a podcast interview with Murad Merali on January 20. “We’re no longer together, and the storyline is really what I want to get out because I genuinely care about my fans and supporters.”

On the season four finale, the couple won the $100,000 prize, beating out runners-up Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell and third-place winners Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray. But, according to Zeta, the moment they left the villa, everything started to go wrong.

In addition to not giving her a ride after the event to get back to Los Angeles, Zeta claims Timmy repeatedly ghosted her. Deb, Sydney, and I took the train back to Los Angeles together, she recalled. “We’re on the train—Syd and Isaiah are texting, Deb and Jesse texting, carrying a vibe. And I’m just sat there and Timmy and I are not texting at all.”

Timmy explains the reason behind their breakup

On January 23, Timmy also posted a few details about their breakup on his Instagram story. In his explanation, Timmy Pandolfi makes it appear as though they were simply unable to maintain their romance.

Zeta Morrison, Timmy Pandolfi, Love Island USA

Image Credit: Casey Durkin/Peacock

In a video, he recalled how she would often say, “Even if we’re just in each other’s life, I care about you that much as a person. It doesn’t matter if this romance never progresses. I just want you in my life. We can focus on this business. I want the best for you.”

Timmy informed TMZ that he and Zeta were doing great and still together after meeting on “Love Island” in October. He added that “dating someone from a dating competition show has several drawbacks once the cameras stop rolling.”

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