When it comes to ordering hair extensions online, it can be difficult to know which brand to get, length and colour but, we’ve finally found the answer. Luxy Hair, a brand founded by innovative power couple Alex and Mimi Ikonn, has created an accessible space for women in search of extensions without the headaches that often come with the search.

The brand is driven by quality and ease, with each track coming with clips already attached. The website also makes it super simple to match your colour and choose a hair extension length suitable for your styling needs. Effortlessly add length and volume to your hair with beautiful, high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price point.

They Offer a Seamless Collection

For anyone that has ever worn clip-in extension, you know that one of the most frustrating parts can be the track and the clips, which sometimes peek through the hair. When it comes to Luxy Hair, they have discovered the ultimate solution for this with their Seamless Collection. The Seamless Collection is made with the same high-quality Remy human hair as all of their other extensions, but with the clips and track are tweaked for comfort.



The seamless extensions come with ‘a thin, seamless silicone weft‘ that helps the extensions blend way better with your hair. This is an especially amazing choice if your hair is on the finer side as the clips won’t show under your natural hair. The silicone wefts also make it much harder to detect you’re wearing hair extensions when someone touches your head.


Made from Human Hair

Nothing says a natural look more than extensions that are crafted from human hair and that is exactly what all hair extensions from Luxy are made from. Luxy Hair uses only the highest of quality Remy human hair to give you a look that makes outsiders believe that your hair can’t be anything but natural.

A Colour for Everyone

Luxy Hair understands that everyone is diverse and that there is no one size fits all when it comes to hair colour. So they have developed extensions that come in over 50 different colour options. So whether you want to match your colour exact or try the ombré look on without colouring your hair than this is the perfect solution. Luxy also offers extensions options for the individuals with the ever-popular balayage style.

They also offer various different lengths and volumes and they even offer clip-in bangs so literally everyone can find what they’re looking for. They also have an awesome “Help Me Choose” option on the website that can steer you in the right direction if you’re having difficulty deciding what you want.

Provide Support in the Form of Tutorials

One of the first times we discovered Luxy Hair, it was through their Youtube channel, which provides a library of hair tutorials. Often when you buy hair extensions for the first time you may not know what to do with them beyond your usual straight or wavy look. However, Luxy Hair has created a platform that inspires creativity and to try something new with your longer, fuller locks. Check out the Youtube channel here.

Check out the Luxy Hair website here.