From formal occasions to casual events, leather jackets can be worn possibly to any event. Apart from the aesthetics, they are durable and protect you from injuries. 

It’s worth having a leather jacket in your wardrobe. However, with so many jacket types in the market, which one should you choose?

We have shared five popular leather jacket types in this article. Have a look. 

Biker Jacket

There are many different types of leather jackets out there, but none quite as iconic as the biker leather jacket. First popularized by Marlon Brando in his role as Johnny Strabler in the 1953 film The Wild One, this style of jacket has evolved over the decades, yet retaining its original aesthetic. 

The biker leather jacket is a short, asymmetrical jacket that features a bib-type collar, snap-down lapels, and a zippered front, although its wide, straight collar most identifies the style. While not as popular as it once was, the biker leather jacket remains a style staple for any man who values individuality and a sense of style.

Aviator Jacket

While most leather jackets are made from cowhide, the aviator jacket is one of the few that is made from sheepskin. The difference between the two is that sheepskin is more closely grained and is very durable. Sheepskin is also softer than cowhide, as it is naturally water-repellent and can be more easily stretched. Both types of leather can be soiled easily, so the trick is to make sure that your aviator leather jacket is cleaned regularly and stored in a clean, dry space.

There are two main types of aviator leather jackets: the bomber jacket, which is more structured, and the flight jacket, which is more streamlined and fitted. 

The bomber jacket is a double-breasted jacket that is longer than the flight jacket and usually has a contrasting lining. On the other hand, the flight jacket is a single-breasted jacket that is shorter in length than the bomber jacket and has no lining.

Racing Leather Jacket

In the 1960s, the café racer leather jacket became a popular style among British café racers and mods. Today, you can still find café racer leather jackets on the market, with some brands even offering exclusive models that mimic the original 1960s designs.

These jackets are designed to offer protection from the wind, cold, and rain while on the road, in addition to padding and protection for when the biker falls from their bike.

Leather Blazer

Being more formal than a leather jacket, the leather blazer is a classic attire choice for various formal occasions. This is especially true for business settings when you need to look polished but don’t want to go too formal. 

A black leather blazer provides a sharp contrast to a pair of gray slacks and is a great choice for a casual event, provided you don’t mind standing out. If you’ve been on the fence about getting a leather blazer, we recommend wearing it to the next event you attend. We think you’ll be surprised at how many compliments you receive.

Tip:  Top-grain leather is the most common and is treated as water-resistant and durable, making it the best option for a blazer.


Trucker Jacket

American motorcycle gangs in the 1930s first introduced the Trucker jacket. The jacket has a simple, boxy shape and is best known for its thick, quilted lining. Both men and women wear it. The popularity of the trucker jacket declined in the 1980s but has seen a revival in the 21st century, thanks in part to some high-profile celebrities, such as British singer Lily Allen and American actress Lindsay Lohan.

It is a lightweight, durable garment – perfect for long rides. It also features many pockets, which are designed to hold items such as knives and lighter fluid. 

Final Word

Well, these were most types of popular leather jackets available in the market. Depending upon the occasion and your own personal style, you can decide which one to go for. 

You can also buy a leather jacket vest for added protection of your chest area, in addition to enhancing your look. 

Which jacket type did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.