Lila Moss daughter of model and icon Kate Moss models in campaigns for both Fendi and Versace with a glucose monitor visible.

Lila Moss is just 19 years old and already doing campaigns as big as Fendi and Versace in the industry. Just like her mother she is breaking history but for a very different reason.

Moss has been a force of nature in the modelling industry just like her mother, who she is a carbon copy of, yet the young Moss is not only battling for better gigs, but she battelling against type 1 diabetes.

At the young age of 8, Lila Moss was diagnosed with diabetes, but she hasn’t let that affect her life or her love, want and need to be in the fashion industry. Mother and superstar Kate Moss were apparently against her 19-year-old daughter becoming a model, but as luck had it she persevered and did it.

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The 19-year-old is proud of her body, proud of her health and proud she gets to do what she loves while showing people modelling isn’t always about sacrifice. During a runway show last year the Fendi/Versace model sported her monitor on her upper thigh, and for her new campaign, she sported it on her bicep.

As a model many times you are showing off your whole body and cannot cover the monitor, yet, for some campaigns she chose to wear it in a place where it is truly visible. The young model is doing her part, and changing the modelling game, showing aspiring models and just kids with diabetes in general that they too are completely normal, and she love the body they have, and continue to fight for it.

Article published by HOLR Magazine