Birthdays just got a whole lot more innovative. Quarantine has forced us to adapt to a different lifestyle. Most adults understand what’s going on, but children probably feel confused and aren’t quite sure why their world has changed. Therefore it’s up to parents to be as resourceful as they possibly can to reinforce some form of conventional living. Thankfully My Birthday Wish TO has put children’s dreams within reach. 

Founded by Joanna Margolis, My Birthday Wish TO was created to bring magic, pixies, and princesses to all the little ones out there who need a birthday wish this year. In addition, it’s free of cost and offers weekly ZOOM princess draws for families who may not be able to give their children their fantasy birthday party. 

There are a variety of themes to choose from such as superheroes, princesses, and sing along tea parties. There’s also a range of characters, so your little one can have a little chat with their favourite one. 

Leave it up to your child’s imagination, and My birthday Wish TO is there to bring that vision to life. Despite the uncertainty of these times, and having to adjust to events that we hold so dearly, it’s up to us to reinforce optimism, stay open-minded and unravel that new level of creativity hidden deep down. My Birthday Wish TO is a wonderful charity organization and entertainment service to utilize to lift children’s spirits, remind them of how special they are, and create something memorable. 

In addition to the birthday party draw, Joanna is offering FREE princess birthday wish videos and FaceTimes to any child (or parent) that reaches out via email at