Is Barack Obama gay? The rumor mill is churning and this is the alleged latest regarding the former president of the United States. 

According to Barack Obama’s older half-brother, Malik, the former president of the United States is allegedly gay. Check out what Malik Obama tweeted recently -calling out his brother online- which is causing a stir on the internet.

Malik Obama Twitter

According to this recent tweet, Malik called out Obama for being “Fake ass a snake.” He also allegedly took to his comments to address recent rumors and allegations that allege Barack is part of the LGBTQ community. In his response, he supposedly calls Barack a homophobic slur as noted in this recent re-post of the alleged online conversation.


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Malik has also been promoting former president Donald Trump online, quoting “MAGA 2024” in some of his other tweets.

Barack Obama Wife

There is also a rumor going around that Michelle Obama, the wife of Barack, is allegedly a man but these rumors are just that – a rumor. As a result, they have not been confirmed. Some internet users took to Malik Obama’s Twitter replies to ask if this rumor is true or not but they have supposedly not yet been addressed by the former president’s half-brother.

What do you think about Malik Obama’s latest tweeting spree allegedly calling out his brother?
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