There’s nothing quite like the refreshing feeling of a freshly shaven face. Getting that clean look and light, pampered feeling on your skin is such a refreshing experience, and if you shave regularly, you want to make sure you’re doing it right to make that experience as good as possible. Here’s HOLR’s tips on how to elevate your shaving game and get that fresh-faced feel every time.

Before You Shave

Before you even pick up the razor, you need to make sure your face is ready for it. Wash your face with cool water and your preferred cleanser, and make sure your skin and beard are wet before you apply the shaving cream and get to it. The wetness will soften both the skin and the hair to make for a smooth ride when you start putting blade to skin. Your skin also tends to be a little more puffy in the morning, so waiting a little after getting up before shaving, or shaving in the evening can help reduce the risk of nicks and cuts.

When you do apply your shaving cream, use a brush rather than your fingers. Brushes help coat the hair better, and lift the hairs off the skin, both of which will make the shave easier. Letting the shaving cream or gel sit on your face for a minute or two to set will also help soften the hair, making it easier to cut. Leaving it in longer is better and could facilitate a one-pass shave.

While Shaving

Keep using the cool water you used to wash your face beforehand. Instinctually you might want to use warm water to keep the razor warm, but this can really dry your skin out and lead to easier irritation while shaving as well. Plus, while you’re keeping your water cool, you might also want to cool your engine: slowing down and using short strokes rather than going quickly across a large surface area can help you steer clear of razor burn. 

You can also cool your jets in the pressure department – pushing harder doesn’t lead to a closer shave, it leads to irritation. Most razors these days are designed to work best with minimal pressure, so you just need enough to keep the blade in contact with the surface of the skin, and the razor does the rest.

Lastly, save your moustache for last. The hair there is thicker and longer than the rest of your face. It also tends to be a difficult part of the face to reach all the corners and angles. By leaving it to the end, that leaves the shaving cream or gel on longest to help soften the hair as much as possible.

After Shaving

Maybe counterintuitive, but ‘aftershave’ isn’t actually the best move after shaving. It has a high alcohol content, which will dry your skin out and depletes your skin’s natural defensive barrier. Instead opt for some balm, Aloe Vera, or moisturizer. Moisturizing after a shave is super important because not only is your skin primed to dry out through the shaving process, but it’ll also help keep your skin smooth and supple for the next shave. Which, by the way, you can feel free to put off a day or two – shaving every day can overwork and irritate your skin, so give it a break every now and then if you shave regularly. 

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