Find out the best travel-friendly grooming products that you should invest in. Enjoying your trip should be the focus of any vacation, don’t have it ruined by not having these 5 simple grooming products.

Hair Comb

One of the most forgotten items when traveling, it is definitely worth your time and money to invest in a good family comb that works for everyone in case someone forgets to pack one. You won’t realize you are missing it until after you’ve completely messed up your hair in the shower. It is never fun having completely messy hair for an entire trip, so make sure you pack a good comb that won’t break on you or poke you.

Antiperspirant Deodorant

You do not want to skimp out on this. Make sure you have a deodorant that works both to make sweat smell good and prevent sweating. In any outdoor activity, especially if it’s hot, you and those around you will sweat, and sweat a lot. Taking the extra time to find the perfect antiperspirant deodorant will do wonders in saving your nose from all that pain. Everyone is grateful for clean, nice-smelling traveling mates. 


Often we travel to warmer places to swim and be in cool water, this naturally increases our ear’s production of ear wax and it is often called the surfer’s ear. Make sure you can avoid this with some simple Q-tips, they also feel great after a hot shower making you squeaky clean. Making sure you have good quality Q-tips offers a drastic change than cheap, limp, bendy ones.

Trimmer or Razor

For trips that are longer than 3 days, it is often recommended to bring your own trimmer or razor. The reason for this is because being unkempt has been shown to reduce one’s satisfaction with their environment. In order to really enjoy your breaks, you should pay attention to the way you look, smell, and feel to maximize your happiness there. Having a good razor and/or trimmer will make the experience all the more enjoyable, and far more enjoyable than having to use a really bad razor that is dull or doesn’t shave well. Take time to invest in a quality travel trimmer/razor – you won’t regret it!

Face Wash

Last on our list, but the most important. Washing your face with just water and hand soap is really bad for you. You need to make sure you use the proper equipment as otherwise you can cause long-lasting damage to your face, and dry it out with an overly abrasive substance. Bringing the right face wash for you will keep your face clean and clear of pimples so you can look your best when traveling the world.

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Published by HOLR Magazine.