If your visiting Toronto or just need a day to relax the Shangri-la hotel has the Miraj Hammam Spa which has many treatments and packages and now offers micro-needling. A place to relax and unwind like no other, the Miraj Hammam Spa is a sophisticated and tranquil place to come and have a piece of mind. 


Being located in the Shangri-la hotel in Toronto has made it a preferred place to reside when visiting Toronto, and there is no better way to relax after a long day in the city, than at the spa. Treatments and amenities include massages, facials, body/feet care, wellness retreats and hammam. Now, along with these treatments, Miraj Hammam is now offering micro-needling. Micro-needling is a process that uses special needles to puncture the skin which triggers a healing process that allows for the new healing and development to create younger and healthier-looking skin. 

By using the micro-needles the micro-lesions are created in the dermis which lead triggering the skin to heal and break down the scar tissue. This creation allows for new blood cells and collagen to produce with a recovery time of 1 day- 1 week. This process is what makes your skin look healthier and younger, and has benefits that include cell-cell communication. This communication improves cell function, improves damaged skin and replaces ‘old skin’ with ‘new skin’ that has more structure and elasticity. 


Micro-needling is a highly effective process,  that allows absorption of active ingredients to go from 7% to 80% which allows nutrients and antioxidants into the skin cells. As micro-needling improves absorption and allows for more nutrients, this also improves your immune system and lowers your risk of cancer. Micro-needling enriches your skin with white blood cells and enriches epidermal growth (stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and epithelial cells, releases Interleukins (regulate immune responses), releases interferons (a cytokine that triggers protective defence in the presence of tumours, viruses, bacteria and parasites)

At the Shangri-la hotel, Miraj Hammam Spa is offering 3 separate sessions of micro-needling for $450. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine