When you are having a stressful day, week or year… a candle can be the answer to all (well maybe some) of your problems.  Lighting an amazing candle is a great way to unwind and treat yourself. 

For some of us, the surplus of candle brands on the market can make it hard to decide which ones are actually worth purchasing. Vancouver Candle Co. is a brand offering unique and amazing scented candles, with amazing quality at a great price.

Founded in 2014 by Nick Rabuchin, the company was inspired by his passions, art and scent.  These candles are all handcrafted using premium ingredients.  The current collections include the Discovery, Great White North, Neighbourhood collections and accessories.


We sat down and chatted with Vancouver Candle Co founder, Nick Rabuchin.



What was the inspiration behind the name of your brand? 

Although I grew up in California, Vancouver has become my home. It’s where I started Vancouver Candle Company when I was making candles by hand out of a crockpot in my little Gastown apartment. We’ve come a long way since then but the name pays respect to my adopted home, where this journey began for us, and where we continue to make each product by hand.


What key ingredients are used in your products that differ from all other brands?

I started creating candles after I invested in a premium candle, only to be very disappointed in the ingredients. I wanted to create a luxury product that would meet my own high-quality standards and that I knew people would be proud to have in their home. To achieve this we ensure that each and every candle is made from the finest, local, and ethically sourced materials. We only use premium soy wax blends because they offer a cleaner burn and last longer. Soy wax blends can also be sourced from renewable resources and they are carbon-neutral, as opposed to coconut wax, which is a leading cause of deforestation. Our fragrances are of the highest quality and cosmetic grade. We use a combination of natural, essential and synthetic oils, as straight essential oils typically result in a poorer scent throw. Lastly, we only use 100% cotton wicks that contain no metal cores.

What inspired you when creating all of the names and scents? 

For the Neighbourhood Collection, the first candle was named when a dear friend of mine said it reminded her of living in Kitsilano. This sparked the idea for the names of the Neighbourhood Collection and the remaining fragrances were designed to be reminiscent of the most loved neighbourhoods of Vancouver and evoke feelings of nostalgia.

While the neighbourhoods were a perfect fit for the first collection, we decided that we did not want to limit our candles to have only city names, as we were getting requests from all over Canada for scents for different neighbourhoods. The Great White North collection came next, inspired by Canada’s natural beauty and landscapes. The Discovery Collection followed soon after and was created to pay homage to the ancient modality of Ayurveda, an ancient healing practice and to evoke a feeling of oneness. This latest collection allowed me to experiment by combining ancient healing practices with fragrance and can be used to discover, heal and create balance.

What is your best selling product and why do you think that is?  

West Coast from our Great White North Collection is by far our best selling fragrance! I designed it to be reminiscent of Vancouver, with the scent of Fir, Spruce, and Oak Moss. It’s literally like walking through a forest, and I think it’s something that can resonate with anyone who loves the outdoors and the beauty of nature.


Do you have anything new and exciting collections or products you are working on that we can expect to see soon or in the future? 

We are working on our next collection, which we’ll be sharing more about soon! I can’t wait to share more.


What product or collection is your personal favourite and why?

My personal favorite would be the Discovery Collection. I believe that it is my best work so far. Unlike the first two collections, the Discovery Collection allowed me to combine aspects of aromatherapy and ayurvedic qualities. Ayurveda was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India and is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. The concept fits beautifully into the scent throw of the collection which is a great balance between floral and masculine.


Treat yourself and shop these candles at https://www.vancouvercandleco.com or at retailers such as Indigo.


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