The horrific deadly scene that played out in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday morning is every parent’s worst nightmare.

Uvalde, Texas High School

Salvador Ramos was a student at Uvalde High School Photo: William Luther, San Antonio, Express News via AP

21 people were  killed in Texas on May 24th at the Robb Elementary school shooting and several others injured. The suspect also shot his grandmother at her home. Police eventually were able to get into the classroom and kill the gunman.

New and disturbing information continues to emerge about the shooter, Salvador Ramos, 18 years old. [Update] Samuel Salinas, a boy in that 4th grade class who survived the shooting told local officials “he hid hard” under a table that had a table cloth over it and stayed quiet, once he saw Ramos enter the classroom with the gun.

Salinas continued, when Ramos came in, he uttered “you’re all gonna die.” The boy also said his teachers “Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles, saved their lives.” The teachers gave their lives for the students by using their own bodies to shield the children.

Texas shooting victim, Eva Mireles, a teacher killed in the classroom at Robb Elementary

Photo Instagram – Texas shooting victim, Eva Mireles, one of the teachers killed in the classroom at Robb Elementary

According to his Mother, Adriana Reyes, she described her son “as not violent but could be very aggressive sometimes.”

Reyes spoke to news sources from the hospital where her mother is. Reyes said “my son was not a monster. But could get very aggressive towards me.” She also said, “she was not aware that her son had bought any guns.” Rolando Reyes, Ramos’ grandfather echoed the same sentiment. He didn’t know that his grandson bought guns. Rolando also said “he spent a lot of time in his room alone.”

The teenager had a troubled life. He moved in with his grandmother, Celia Martinez Gonzales because of ongoing disputes with his mother.

He is described as a loner, who didn’t talk very much. Schoolmates say, he bullied other students. And tortured and killed animals. Students also say, he had serious problems and was violent. Classmates at Uvaldes high school said Ramos bullied other students if he didn’t get his way. Although, some locals say that Ramos was the one bullied because of his speech impediment.

Allegedly, he wasn’t embarrassed about his devious acts towards animals. Rather, he was proud of it. “He and his friends did it all of the time and posted it online,” according to one social media user.

Salvador Ramos 18 years old

Texas Gunman, Salvador Ramos

More details by fellow students are coming out about the high school student who recently turned 18. Apparently, Ramos was very angry that “he wasn’t going to graduate high school this year.” He had dropped out and was working at a local restaurant. The small town of Uvaldes has about 15,000 pop., and is mostly a Latino community.

Texas officials and politicians are processing the shooter’s past social media posts and his background as the nation is in mourning. Not since the shooting massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary almost a decade ago, where a gunman killed 27 people, including 20 children has the nation experienced such a violent rampage against the most innocent victims.

Mourners in Uvalde, Texas hold vigil for the victims of the Robb Elementary School Shooting

Mourners in Uvalde, Texas hold vigil for the victims of the Robb Elementary School Shooting which occurred on Tuesday, May 24th.

19 children and 2 teachers at the Robb Elementary School in the small town of Uvalde, located outside of San Antonio, died inside a classroom.

The children were between 9 & 11 years – mostly 10 years old and were in grade 4. 17 other people were injured during the shooting and taken to the hospital.

Ramos drove his grandmother’s black pick-up truck to the school and carried out the massacre. But his fury started earlier that morning.

Texas Shooter Grandmother - Celia Martinez Gonzales

Facebook: Texas Shooter’s Grandmother, Celia Martinez Gonzales, 66 years-old

Ramos shot his grandmother, Celia Martinez Gonzales, 66-years old in the face over a dispute about his cellphone bill.

She survived and is in critical condition, local authorities say. He privately posted on Facebook about it bragging “I just shot my grandmother in the head.”

Minutes later after shooting Gonzales, he continued to privately message two young girls, one of them in Germany, about more of his deadly plans for that morning. Both of the girls have since told officials, that they did not know Ramos personally, never met him and only communicated with him through private Facebook text messages.

Ramos lived with his Grandmother Photo: Jordan Vordehaar, Getty Images

Police arrived at the school before his rampage began. The girls had alerted their parents and authorities about what Ramos had posted to them in their private Facebook messages.

Ramos had discarded the black pick-up truck in a ditch leaving behind one of the rifles in the truck. But took the other one with him as he proceeded to the elementary school. Police and Ramos exchanged gunfire, but unfortunately Ramos was still able to enter the school. He shot at others before barricading himself inside a classroom where he carried out the deadly killing spree.

Salvador Ramos 18 years old

Images From Instagram: Texas Shooter, Salvador Ramos & 2 Semi-Automatic Rifles

According to local officials, Ramos legally purchased two assault AR-15 rifles (Armalite semi-automatic rifles) at a local gun store on May 17th and on May 20th. Texas Officials also confirmed he bought over 300 rounds of ammunition.

Uvalde, Texas Shooting - Parents and Police On The Scene

Uvalde, Texas Shooting on Tuesday, May 24th – Parents and Police On The Scene. Photo: William Luther, San Antonio, Express News via AP

Mourners Outside of Robb Elementary

Parents and relatives grieve outside of Robb Elementary, Uvalde, Texas

The country is still reeling from another gun tragedy which took place in Buffalo almost two weeks ago.

In that shoot out, the gunman Payton Gendron who is also 18 years old, but white, traveled to Buffalo to carry out his killing spree. Like Ramos, Gendron has been accused of allegedly committing animal abuse. The Buffalo mass shooting occurred in a supermarket and was racially charged. 14 Black residents were shot and 10 people died. The topic of gun control is overwhelmingly a top priority for politicians during the 2022 Primary State Elections!

President Biden, politicians and celebrities have voiced their concerns via social media posts ‘that no one should live in fear of sending their children to school.’ The outrage for more gun reform and the NRA’s firm stand against limiting access to guns is a battle which is heating up because of so many recent shootings across the country.

On the heel of the Buffalo shooting, tributes continue to pour in from around the world. The country continues to mourn the victims of this latest tragedy in Uvaldes, TX, which is now the second deadliest shooting in US history.

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