HiSmile is famous for being the best in the game, known for all of their effective oral care products sold. When it comes to their teeth whitening kits in particular, there’s truly no other brand that stands out like they do.

 HiSmile’s formulations specifically cause no irritation for anyone with sensitive teeth, as this tends to be a huge concern among many when investing in teeth whitening options. When first testing out their products, this was something that always stood out as a major benefit while being able to notice major results. Not only do their products work incredibly but the packaging and kits are too cute and simple to use. They also sell a selection of toothpastes perfect for day, night, gel refills, teeth whitening pen and a variety of other products perfect for adding to your dental care routine.

Their latest launches are ones to watch out for  — they offer even more advanced products and formulations. The updated whitening kit is the single biggest change in formula since the company began with clinical trials currently underway, also showing incredible results. The whitening kit includes gel refills enough for 6 uses, and a mouth tray with a LED light. This product is available online at $89.99 CAD and is only available on the HiSmile website. It is formulated with peroxide-free whitening ingredients and brightens your teeth without any pain.

Not only is there an updated kit but HiSmile now offers a breath spray as well, so you never have to worry about bad breath! The spray is a perfect petite size to bring when you’re on the go and has the most chic packaging ever. The spray can also be found online for $9.99 CAD

As HiSmile expands their product line they want to include products that are a solution not only for whitening, but ones that contribute to your overall oral health. Example; The breath spray is an on-the-go solution to combat bad breath, while also assisting in maintaining your overall oral health.

“We’re just passionate about bringing the best possible products to market,” Alex Tomic, Co-Founder & Director at HiSmile touched on the launch of the new whitening kit gel formula.

It’s inspiring to see a brand that is not only passionate about noticeably effective results but the ingredients that are being put into their products as well as the mission behind their brand. HiSmile has created a community of oral care that is approachable, easy to use at home, and has the best packaging. You can’t help but want to instagram or share pictures of their products once you purchase and use them, that is one of the many things we love about this brand. They have the overall “IT” factor and you need to try it out yourself you haven’t already.

To learn more about HiSmile and purchase these products yourself head to their website https://ca.hismileteeth.com  


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