While many went out to cancel 2020, all because it offered a different script than what they expected; many in the Twitter streets followed a hashtag #20plenty and got hashed by 2020 and left them flawed. As we look for what’s ahead; we evaluate and trace not COVID-19 but trace our steps, the learnings 2020 offered us and what we can do with all of that, thoughts about ‘New Year, New You’ does sound sweet but needs an active and actionable plan.

 Yet again, thinking of how to get rid of toxic relationships and habits to start fresh, this all entangles itself and looks at you. ‘You can’t give what you don’t have’ and ‘you attract after your own kind’ let’s talk 2021

Someone said that ‘2020 was a battle of the toughest’ which meant only the tough will survive … well you reading this means you are one of them so pat yourself on the back. With everything that happened this 2020; it has surely equipped us to be strong, not gullible and understand that the world isn’t as black and white as we think or rather is filled with hidden agendas and the world has nothing to offer but we are the ones to offer the world something. 

The world with its old traditions teaches us about ‘New Year resolutions’ but based on history LOL we barely fulfill those so with this new year, we rather not set a new normal but a New Us aka New You. So, if you don’t plan your year and set a practical vision for your year; 2021 will be planned for you and you won’t love that!!

In the spirit of a `New You’; Discovery of Self is very important, in 2020 that we have seen different things, we have seen that many things have come and gone including brands & companies that we would have never thought would go even individuals. The purpose is a very vital factor in all our lives, understanding why you are here and your daily role and that’s why; discovering God’s purpose for our lives and being guided by him. Once that is all clear from where you are now into were you set ongoing and being in 2021. Habits and toxic relationships definitely a spreadsheet to check, Google says `Habits is a settled tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up.’

Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

In order to create and master a New You, you have to eliminate some habits; here are a top 3 of popular personal habits: 

1. Self-Doubt

In pursuit of so many things in life often we fall into this trap called Self- doubt. The issue is not entering the trap but it is to stay in it. This could be led by social pressure, social media lifestyle etc. but a great mentor of mine Rev.Dr. Chris Oyakhilome once said ` The progress of other people doesn’t mean you failing’. Once you achieve this mindset; it complies with you to step out of the rat race and self-doubt.


`I will do it later, I still have time or we still in January, I have 11 months to go.’ Imagine how many said in 2020 that it was a year of #20plenty but didn’t start early, but May they were locked up & plenty became unpleasant. Choose to start early, set yourself up and not waste your time.  The universe will not align; you are made to cause everything around you align to your goals, expectations not for you to follow the universe but for it to follow you. 

3. Being everywhere aka busy

Often people normalize being busy and everywhere and that’s the life they know until a global pandemic happens and you re-evaluate if it was all worth it. I like the scripture that puts it in a great perspective.

1 Thessalonians 4: 11 TPT – Aspire to lead a calm & peaceful life as you mind your own business & earn your living; just as we’ve taught you.

Define your business, magnify your office, flourish there would be pressure for you to find yourselves completing and being busy with nothing. Overcoming these habits would make it easy to avoid toxic relationships remember `you attract after your kind’ therefore overcoming self-doubt, procrastinating and being all about your lane, toxic things would be anti you. Be intentional, be focused & very strategic about your journey and show up in 2021… Covid19 should know that you didn’t conform but overcame.