Youth to the People has just launched their new, strong yet gentle exfoliant. Mandelic Acid + Superfood Exfoliant is the ultimate daily solution to all your skin needs like balanced skin and a strong and healthy exterior. 

Youth to the People was created by Greg and Joe, who wanted to make a sustainable brand that was good for the people and great for the earth. With ingredients like no other, and packaging that benefits the planet Youth to the People is committed to reducing plastic waste that is created by the beauty industry. Not only is the packaging responsible, but the formulas created for each product are as well. 

The products used in Youth to the People are locally sourced in California and are vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable. Many might ask how are beauty products biodegradable? Well, using clean formulas helps the planet when you wash everything off your face, it does not cause harm to the ocean or its wildlife. Youth to the People is also against the use of over 1,300 ingredients that are restricted in the EU, which means cleaner, healthier products. 

The new Mandelic Acid and Superfood Exfoliant does all that, in its glass packaging. For $49 you are receiving a new superfood exfoliant that is gentle yet strong, using a triple acid complex of superfood to benefit your skin. 

This daily solution can help clear your pores, balance your skin’s pH and create a barrier that is healthy that will protect your skin from unwanted dirt and debris. Although water-light, the leave-on solution helps unglue surface skin cells that cause blocked pores and help skin become smoother, reduce dark spots and clears skin. 

The key ingredients are what make everything the best part of this new exfoliant. 3% Mandelic Acid helps to lift dull surface skin cells, smooths the texture of the skin and brightens it naturally. 2% is Salicylic Acid which clears breakout inducing buildups and visibly reduces the looks of pores. 1% Gluconolactone helps boost hydration, evens your tone and fortifies your skin’s moisture barrier. 

After cleansing, gently apply the Mandelic Acid and Superfood Exfoliant to the skin and avoid your eyes, gently sweep over your face and neck for best overall results, and follow with a Youth to the People moisturizer. All products are available through the website or at Sephora

Article published by HOLR Magazine