NFL commentator Tony Romo called Taylor SwiftKelce’s wife”- “I’m sorry, girlfriend.”

Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night. While Travis Kelce showed outstanding performance in the game, Tony Romo, a current NFL announcer renowned for playing 14 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, might expect their future life more than anyone else.

NFL commentator Tony Romo accidentally called Taylor Swift “Kelce’s wife” during the game. He said, “By most people, as you see Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, in the audience, oh, I’m sorry, girlfriend.” His remarks surprised audiences, but Romo was also surprised by himself. Soon after he noticed his mistake, he chuckled and quickly corrected himself. Another commentator replied, “Not yet.” to him with also laughing. Moreover, the pop singer was spotted cheering and smiling alongside friends and the team’s family.

Taylor Swift wears a sweatshirt for the Chiefs’ game

This was Taylor’s sixth game to cheer Travis Kelce. The singer’s game-day style is getting more impressive game by game and has caught fans’ attention. Last night, the singer proudly appeared in a vintage red-and-black Chiefs sweatshirt while wearing an iconic red rip. The outfit was $250 and sold out on the store’s website.

Taylor Swift wears a sweatshirt for the Chiefs' game

Image Credit: Instagram

Who was Taylor Swift sitting with at the Chiefs game last night?

Taylor usually sits with Brittany Mahomes or Donna Kelce. However, Travis Kelce’s long-time friend Aric Jones sat next to Taylor Swift during the game on Sunday.
Who was Taylor Swift sitting with at the Chiefs game last night?- Aric Jones

ImageCredit: Instagram

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