A video of Travis Kelce smoking has the internet talking. HOLR breaks down the alleged news. 

According to this related article, following the Chief’s victory against the 49ers, Travis Kelce and girlfriend Taylor Swift were spotted together inside a club celebrating with others.

Travis Kelce Smoking Video

Allegedly, Kelce was filmed smoking and reportedly hanging out with Taylor soon after, as noted in the article. It is unclear what substance Kelce was allegedly smoking. As a result of this viral clip of the two, Internet users were reportedly concerned that Kelce’s smoking may somehow influence Swift, as well. Some are worried he may be a bad influence on her as the duo are now dating.

As noted in this related TikTok video posted by user @stephlyontv, Swift was allegedly “exposed” – although the video claims that she was exposed for smoking this remains unconfirmed. The video supposedly shows the star holding a drink, while Kelce was reportedly captured smoking in the supposed footage, claimed here.

Her fans reportedly went “crazy” after this viral video started circulating online as claimed in the TikToker’s caption. However, some people took to the comment section of the above video to state that the singer has a song called Lavender Haze so they wouldn’t be surprised if she smoked, as well. They also claim that she is old enough to make her own decisions.

Considering Swift has a lot of young fans, it would make sense that if she smoked she wouldn’t broadcast it to the world. However, as mentioned, this alleged claim that Swift smokes is not confirmed.

What are your thoughts on this alleged viral video? IS Travis Kelce a bad influence on Taylor Swift?

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