Nick Perfect Match: Are Nick and Katie Thurston Dating?

Rumors are swirling that Nick Uhlenhuth from The Circle and Perfect Match is dating Katie Thurston from the Bachelor Franchise. The pair were spotted together on New Year’s Eve, and Katie shared a photo on her Instagram.

Fresh off his time on Perfect Match, Nick left the show without a perfect match as he and contestant LC Chamblin admitted they weren’t right for each other in the long term. During the Perfect Match finale, Nick said, “The simple answer is no, we are not the perfect match. We talked about it, but we can’t say we are the perfect match. I think it’d be ridiculous.”

Nick Perfect Match girlfriend

While Nick and LC made it to the finale, they were the couple that had the least amount of time together.

Katie Thurston Boyfriend

Following their time together on New Year’s Eve people have been speculating that Katie and Nick are in fact dating. The pair have yet to confirm or deny if they are in a relationship. However, some of the other contestants from Perfect Match, like Kariselle and Chloe, have said that they have to wait a few days before revealing their relationship statuses. Netflix wants to give people are chance to watch the final episodes of Perfect Match before divulging any of the post-show details.

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