Was Nicki Minaj supposed to win a Grammy at this year’s awards? HOLR breaks down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @muchiedu, Nicki Minaj allegedly won “Best Rap Song” at the Grammys 2024 before it was revealed that this was allegedly a mistake.


Nicki Minaj Grammy

Did the Grammys did Nicki Minaj dirty?

According to the TikToker, Minaj was nominated for the song “Barbie World” which she featured with Ice Spice and Aqua for the Barbie Movie soundtrack. This was reportedly her first time being nominated for a Grammy since she had seemingly been snubbed by the award show.

Why was Nicki Minaj snubbed by the Grammys?

Allegedly, Minaj was supposedly snubbed because she decided to continue performing after Whitney Houston’s death. That allegedly led to her “being blacklisted” as noted by the TikToker. The imagery in her performance was also not well-received, supposedly.

Best Rap Song Grammys Nominees

This year, it was initially outlined that Minaj was nominated for the song. Then it was reportedly announced that the song had won “Best Rap Song” in a tweet online. This caused the internet to go crazy. Allegedly, this news was also confirmed on Google and on the Grammys website, according to the TikToker. Everyone was so excited.

However, this was then soon revealed to be an alleged mistake. In the live program, another nominee had reportedly won – Scientists & Engineers featuring Future, André 3000, and Killer Mike.

“This was foul,” the TikToker notes in regards to this alleged win being taken away from Minaj.

People also took to the comment section of the above video to share their opinions on this alleged matter.

What do you think- did Minaj deserve the win? Was it all just a mistake? Although there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, what do you think about the alleged viral news?

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