The Recording Academy is better known as the Grammy’s released the social media campaign #BehindTheRecord for artists to spread awareness of the music creators they collaborate with on records they’ve made. 

This initiative is to give credit where it is deserved, that way whoever is behind the record is brought to the front. What many people do not realize is that all this amazing music isn’t just created by the person or band who is singing it, it takes teams of people to compose, produce, record and edit each song. 

In today’s streaming age, it is hard to acknowledge every artist behind a record and many reasons are because of how easy it is to obtain and listen to a record. Nowadays, you do not need to wait in line at a record store, you open your music library and click add. 

When there was a time where you would buy physical copies of singles, mixtapes, EP’s and albums, you would read the covers. You would see who played what instrument on what song, who wrote the lyrics and who mastered and edited the tracks. 

Now because of our digital age, when a song or album is released, you can pre-download it onto your library and immediately press play. That has become beneficial and degrading to the music industry in so many ways. 

With the Recording Academy releasing this campaign it allows for front man artists to showcase the hard-working artists #BehindTheRecord that create their music. 

That catchy melody, credit is given. That amazing chorus, credit is given. 

All these artists who aren’t in the spotlight are the reason why some songs become hits for weeks at a time, these are the people who have created songs that will be remembered forever. 

Without this campaign, the Recording Academy and all of its members would not only be denied the credit they deserve, but they will be denied pay. Help participate in this social media campaign and learn who helped create some of your favourite songs and albums on the Recording Academy’s website, or the artist’s social media.