Hey Siri, Play What’s My Age Again by Blink-182. Nobody likes you when you turn 23, well what if I don’t want to turn 23. Turing 23 is a weirdly specific age to turn, it is not a milestone, you aren’t exactly old, and definitely not young anymore, so what’s the whole fuss about 23? 

Turning 23 seems like a big year for a lot of people, some because it’s because you’re not 20 anymore but you’re also not 25 just yet. You’re not old, but the truth is you don’t fit in with the 20-year-olds either. 21 was cool, partying, meeting new people, having some responsibilities. 22 was a whole other story and didn’t make sense at all, and now 23. 

23, the year where life really starts, it’s the point in which you need to start getting your life together, or at least make it seem like you do, maybe you could hold off until you’re 25 but I wouldn’t push it. 23 is significant enough where it is the age where your professional life starts, maybe you just finished university and it’s time to find a job (like a real job). 

But at the same time, it’s just another year, an insignificant number, just like turning 11, or 32, you’ve passed the milestone so why are you stressing? Maybe because you know how fast it feels to grow up. Maybe you know you’ll try to act your age but in the end, you’ll be trying too hard. You’ll want to act like a responsible adult, maybe make a big purchase or take a good long trip, but the truth is you don’t need to do that. 

The 23rd year can only be explained by someone turning 23, why? Probably because it is so unknown. Nobody has set a significance as to why someone’s 23rd birthday should be special, it’s just another day. Or maybe because it’s an odd number like 24 isn’t that significant of a year either but it’s definitely less stressful and celebrated more (and divisible by 2). 

Turning 23 shouldn’t bear all this stress and responsibility. You’re still young, and you’re going to be young no matter what age you turn because it’s not about the age you are, it is about how and what you do. So if you don’t want to get a ‘grown-up’ job just yet, good. If you want to blow all your savings on a month-long trip with your friends, do it! 

You’re only going to be 23 once, and as a matter of fact, this will be the youngest you will ever be, but shh, I won’t tell if you don’t.