It’s National Nurse Week and in honour of these Canadian healthcare heroes, companies are showing their appreciation for all that the nurses [and healthcare professionals in general] have done and continue to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pandora – Nurse Dangle Charm

[Photo Courtesy: Pandora]

Pandora is donating all proceeds from the Nurse Dangle Charm sold on May 12, International Nurses Day. 

The proceeds will go to the Canadian Nurses Foundation, who is working to support nurses fighting the battle against COVID-19. 

The funds will help provide mental health support, training and research for nurses navigating through the pandemic. The brand has committed to donating a minimum of $20,000, with the potential to increase the amount based on the number of Nurse Dangle Charms sold. 

Aritzia – Care Program

Aritzia Community Care

[Photo Courtesy: Aritzia]

The fashion boutique has created custom, comfy easy to wear and wash outfits to be gifted to licensed doctors, nurses, health care aides and respiratory therapists caring for COVID-19 patients in hospitals, COVID-19 assessment centres or long-term care homes across Canada.

“After speaking to many frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers, we learned that new sanitization routines require you to have separate wardrobes for travelling to and from work… Each custom Aritzia Community™ Relief Package consists of two of our most-loved Tour T-shirts in assorted colours and two pairs of our iconic Atmosphere Leggings — each featuring an exclusive Aritzia Heart logo.”

Chipotle – 4 Heroes

Buy a burrito and Chipotle will donate one to a healthcare professional through their 4Heroes program. Healthcare professionals can sign up for a chance to get one here.

Starbucks – Free Coffee

[Photo Courtesy: Starbucks]

The popular coffee house is giving out a free tall brewed coffee to first responders and frontline healthcare workers. Starbucks has been committed to doing this since March 25 and will continue to through the end of May.

A special thanks to all the nurses who go above and beyond to keep us healthy and safe during these crazy times–and every other day! You all really are heroes. Thank you.
Happy National Nurse Day!