#PleinSpaceInvasion exhibited much more than just a runway collection.

Philipp Plein is as unapologetic when it comes to his sense of fashion as he is for his decadent flamboyance on the runway. During fashion week, his unmatched dynamism is recognized for both unbridled excess and luxurious edge making his shows daring and provocative, creating a distinction from other designers.

(Drawn by HOLR’s Secret Artist)

With every collection, attendees expect something fresh from trend leaders that distinguishes them from other designers – At any of his shows, Plein delivers unexpectedness from his ambitious imagination and this years RTW ‘18 collection was synonymous with his uninhibited ‘more is more’ philosophy.

The prodigious production began in true Plein fashion with a performance by Migos, a literal spaceship landing and an emerging Irina Shayk, donning a skin-tight bodysuit that read, “I love you Philipp Plein,” and trekking hand-in-hand with a transformer look-alike, through an artificially snow-covered runway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Pleins designs exhibit a wardrobe from a scene in an intergalactic winter wonderland, where a diverse group of models and celebrities were seen in lavish sportswear with no shortage of Swarovski crystals, an element Plein is devoted to.


Models began to surface from the spacecraft sporting a collection suited for the Olympics as Paralympian athlete, Liam Malone, ran laps around the runway. The winter apparel consisted of puffer jackets, snowsuits, transparent raincoats layered on top of sweat suits and fur coats along with oversized furry snow boots, where Plein’s name appeared immoderately throughout. Outfits were accessorized with logoed skis, snowboards and bedazzled goggles, with the occasional teddy bear backpack. A collaboration with Playboy also made its debut in the form of the famous bunny logo embroidered on both women’s and men’s tracksuits and knit sweaters.

Jane Fonda’s sexy sci-fi ensemble in “Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy” and a dream to one day fly to the moon were Plein’s inspirations for his collection and runway show.

Migos returned to the stage to close off the show with their hit song, “Bad and Boujee,” while models danced away into a space odyssey turned all-night rave in a venue that went from Planet Plein to Ibiza, Spain.