Did Hailey Bieber defend Selena Gomez in a new comment posted on social media? Apparently! However, the star has also been called out for allegedly being in a group chat that says “horrible” things about Gomez. HOLR breaks it down.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @thickbrunette66, Hailey Bieber is defending Selena Gomez after the star received some body shaming comments which forced her to turn off her comments in a new post. Check out the video below:


#haileybieber posts to instagram defending #selenagomez after her fans flood selena’s tiktok page with mean comments

♬ original sound – michelle

The girls are officially girling! Bieber called out her fans for leaving hateful body-shaming comments on Gomez’s latest social media post. A few days ago, Gomez posted a TikTo video where people commented some not-very-nice things. This led to Gomez turning off her comments on the post. Bieber then took to her social media to explain that she does not condone nasty comments.

It would be great if the story ended here but apparently that;s not the case. Bieber is reportedly being called out for being in a group chat with Gomez haters. Check out the follow up video below:


Replying to @user1244643807028 apparently #haileybieber is in instagtam groupchats with stans who write horrible things about #selenagomez online daily

♬ original sound – michelle

It is being alleged that Bieber is in a goup chat with people who say “horrible things” about Gomez. Unfortuantely, the TikToker claims that this is allegation is true. It seems as though Beiber is in contact with these stands directly according to the above TikTok.

Although it was nice of Bieber to call out her fans publicly for shaming Gomez, she needs to ensure she calls them out privately, as well.

What do you think- is Bieber just trying to save face with this comment?

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