Offset seemingly roasted Bobbi Althoff during their recent interview. HOLR has the latest.

According to this TikTok video posted by user @sussan_mourad, Offset recently roasted Bobbi Althoff’s outfit during an interview and the internet went wild.


@Bobbi & her outfit hilariously roasted by @OFFSET mid-interview ? #bobbialthoff #offset #bobbialthoffpodcast #bobbialthoffoffset #bobbialthoffclips #sussanmourad #entertainmentnews #celebritynews

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Offset Bobbi

As you can see in the video, the duo are in mid-interview when Offset goes off about Althoff’s fashion choices. He first asks Althoff why she would pair a “2000s tank with the open button up?” Althoff claims she doesn’t “claim to be into fashion but you [Offsey] do.” However, Offset counters her statement by claiming that if that were the case she would’ve showed up with a hoodie and sweatpants. “You put that together,” Offset said, seemingly roasting her fit. He also told her if he could change her look he would put “a little moisturizer down there” gesturing to her ankles.

What do you think of Offset’s remarks during their interview?

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