Is Oprah taking Ozempic to lose weight? HOLR breaks down the alleged claims.

Did Oprah take Ozempic?

According to this TikTok video posted by user @amyinhalf, Oprah took to the stage to discuss weight loss medication in ‘An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution’ which premiered on March 18.

What weight loss drug is Oprah on?

In this special, Oprah talked about the impact of weight loss medication. “In my entire life, I never dreamed that we would be talking about medicines that are providing hope for people like me who have struggled for years with being overweight or with obesity,” she said, as noted in this related article.


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It has long been debated whether or not Oprah has been using Ozempic to aid with weight loss recently, and the TV producer and host recently came clean in late 2023 when she admitted to using weight loss drugs in an interview with People. However, she did not specify which one she allegedly uses.

Did Oprah admit to using Ozempic?

It is unclear which weight loss medication Oprah is reportedly using to help lose weight as she did not specify, but many people online believe that she may be using Ozempic- something other celebrities have been accused of taking to aid with weight loss, as well. Oprah has not come forward to address these Ozempic claims so it remains to be just a rumor. We will only know which weight loss medication Oprah uses if and when she decides to address the claims.

Oprah Before and After Ozempic

The image on the left is Oprah back in 2021 while the image on the right is Oprah from her latest special which aired last night. It is unclear when Oprah began using weight loss drugs to aid with weight loss but these images were taken approximately 3 years apart.

Again, it remains unconfirmed if Oprah is using Ozempic or a different medication. She has not come forward to address the alleged claims so it remains speculation.  Oprah only confirmed she was taking a weight loss drug back in 2023 but did not specify which one or when she started taking said weight loss drug. As noted in this related article, Oprah uses weight loss medication in combination with eating healthy and exercising.

Although there is no concrete evidence to support claims that Oprah is using Ozempic and it is all alleged, what are your thoughts on these allegations?

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