Everyone is talking about Ozempic but what are the side effects of using it? HOLR breaks down the burning question.

Remember to consult a qualified medical professional first if you are interested in learning more about Ozempic before making any changes to your lifestyle (i.e. diet and medication). 

Ozempic Side Effects

As mentioned here in a previous HOLR article, Ozempic is a prescription drug that is used to manage blood sugar levels in adults who have type 2 diabetes. However, is also known to help lower specific risks such as strokes and heart attacks in adults that suffer from both diabetes and heart disease.

Everyone is talking about Ozempic because it is alleged that celebrities in Hollywood are using the drug as a way to help them lose weight. From Kim Kardashian to Mindy Kaling, celebs all over Hollywood are being accused of using Ozempic for weight loss purposes. This could be dangerous as there are some side effects of using Ozempic that many people may not realize.

For instance, some alleged potential side effects of using Ozempic reportedly include; nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and stomach pain. These are common side effects of the medication although there have allegedly been more serious side effects reported such as pancreatitis and kidney failure, as noted here. However, those are considered to be rare side effects.

Ozempic Side Effects Hair Loss

Does using Ozempic contribute to hair loss? As noted here, hair loss is not supposedly listed as a potential side effect of using Ozempic although some people may experience hair loss while on the medication.

Ozempic Side Effects Reddit

Some Reddit users, such as this individual in this thread, have taken to the platform to describe their own experience of being prescribed Ozempic for weight loss. Check out some clips from their experience below:

“For the first two months, the change was absolutely un-freaking-believable. I would sit down to a meal, eat some and actually FEEL FULL. I was able to easily stop eating with portions of food on my plate and feel completely satisfied. In those first two months I dropped 15lbs.

After starting the 0.5mg/week dose, this is where it all went downhill, fast. The side effects came on hard, fast and strong. If I ate more than say half a sandwich at a meal, I would become so overwhelmingly bloated that I was burping constantly (like literally two big burps every 3 minutes for hours). On top of that, at this point it made my burps smell and taste so ungodly disgusting (think straight sulfur plus an outhouse at a nascar race in summer at the end of race weekend).”

This individual also described other side effects that came about after stopping and restarting Ozempic again.

This is simply one person’s personal experience with Ozempic although it was published as a cautionary tale for anyone looking into Ozempic. It also served to be helpful for other Reddit users, who commented on the post with their own unique experiences regarding Ozempic.

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