French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has just launched a Fall 2021 Ready-to-wear Collection called “La Montagne” that has stirred up the fashion community with extremely trendy fashion products. Let’s take a look at the best iconic womenswear looks in this new collection.

jacquemus show

Jacquemus, a famous fashion brand in France with extremely luxurious, sophisticated, and uniquely designed clothing products. And just recently, Jacquemus released a new Fall collection on June 30th with completely new and unique designs that are far from the previous collections. The special thing in this collection is the combination of extremely fancy and unique colours in the fall and the diverse and unique clothing designs in each product to help Jacquemus express its brand-specific fashion style. 

Jacquemus has had a very new combination from costume colours to clothing design and accompanying accessories. For example, the image of the model wearing a red thick life jacket combined with a crop-top shirt inside the same colour looks very unique, outstanding, and eye-catching. Next are the red long pants and an indispensable bag of the same colour, making the whole outfit bolder and sexier than ever.


And not to mention the brown crop top with extremely attractive and novel slits combined with the vintage brown khaki dress and the same colour fur sandals. Jacquemus is extremely ingenious in colour coordination as well as designing unique clothes to create a very trendy fashion taste but still has it personality and show Jacquemus’s fashion style quality. And the variety of colours as well as the design of clothes that look so suitable and comfortable to wear that the brand has hit this Fall 2021 collection with the fashion world and the public. There were not as many plus-size models but, the diversity in colour and ethnicity was there.

And it is indispensable for the quality of play from famous celebrities when they immediately spend money to buy themselves the outfits in this womenswear collection. Including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, the latter recently described the designer as the “male version” of her on Instagram – took a turn on the catwalk, too. Or even Hailey Bieber, a true fan of this brand, has bought many outfits that has not been released in Paris. Therefore, it can be seen that the Fall 2021 collection with womenswear has shown a strong influence not only from the brand name but also from product quality and the outlooks design.

Let’s take a look at some of the best iconic womenswear looks in this new collection.

Jacquemus Fall 2021

The very unique white crop top with split slits combined with a green bra and matching pants makes the whole outfit stand out. In addition, accessories such as a short brown shoulder bag and light orange fur sandals are also very catchy with the outfit.


You will feel completely surprised with the combination of a crop top with a split chest and a puffer jacket with a crop top-like design. And this outlook also has a highlight with long khaki pants combined with a layer of short skirt with split slit on the outside.


No one would have expected the cream brown outfit to match the orange bag so perfectly. That is the ingenuity that Jequamus brings to the wearer with a variety of colors from light to dark. The shirt with the vest neck shape and the split at the sleeves makes the outfit both delicate and stylish.

pink outfit

Let’s look at Kendall Jenner’s charming pink outfit. The long sleeve crop top matches perfectly with the pink shirt crop top. And fur sandals are always an indispensable accessory in Jequamus’ Fall 2021 collection.

You can view the entire collection here