Peloton has officially announced the release of the All-New Peloton Tread, which will be available to be purchased across Canada on the 9th of February 2021.

The purchase price is just $3,295 or, when financed, $85 per month. Additionally, anybody can now visit any of Peloton’s Showrooms ( ) in order to experience a trial run on the most recent addition to Peloton’s portfolio.

The Peloton Tread combines a modern design with Peloton’s compelling running and strength training content for a total body workout.

Not only does the Peloton Tread have a 23.8 inch HD touchscreen with integrated speakers. This screen tilts up and down 50 degrees, allowing the user to enjoy the best possible view and sound, bringing them that much closer to instructors. Additionally, it allows the user to easily transition from tread to floor during a workout. It also comes with several more incredible features.

Further features include but are not limited to the following:

  • Designed to fit your daily routine: The tread measures out to be smaller than the average coach, with a length of 68 inches, a width of 33 inches and a height of 62 inches; it is specifically designed to fit more than comfortably in most homes.
  • Thoughtfully designed running platform: The tread also has no front shroud, which is the piece of plastic typically found in standard belt treadmills, thus creating an unencumbered training environment, free of obstacles, giving the runner even more space on the deck.
  • Motivating classes: Access to live and on-demand classes across running, walking, Bootcamp, strength, stretching, yoga, meditation and more, training programs and challenges, special event programming and workout history.