Exciting news for the Canadian Peloton community. To celebrate two years with Canada, Peloton is launching an exclusive Made in Canada class collection, plus they’re finally bringing The Comeback to Canada.

Time to kick yourself back into gear and pull on those cycling shorts as your at-home gym is upgrading with a new range of classes that will make you feel pretty patriotic. The brand new Made in Canada class collection is powered by music from top Canadian artists, including The Weeknd, Celine Dion, deadmau5 and more. This celebratory collection has plenty of new classes on offer to suit your style, from curated rides to yoga flows, runs and also strength classes. Also, for those in Vancouver, watch out for your city in their apparel store as it is finally getting the Peloton limelight by debuting in their apparel collections, just to make your new workout class even closer to home.

It is a well-deserved treat as Canadians have reached some pretty big milestones over the last two years, we’ve cycled 34,201,568 KM with Peloton, been a part of 7,751,345 workouts, completed more strength classes than any other Peloton market (that’s including the US, UK, and Germany!), and have received a total of 7,720,345 High Fives (a big deal in Peloton world).

And finally, as part of all the festivities, Peloton is launching The Comeback in Canada. An inspiring and rewarding program in which Peloton gifts 50 Peloton Bikes to their member’s deserving loved ones. In an aim to provide motivation and support, Peloton wants to give back to those who are coming back from facing adversity in their lives. So, if you know someone who has shown strength in battling life’s obstacles then you can nominate their story to Peloton’s The Comeback program, and also read others inspiring stories, here.