Pfizer has asked the US regulators of the FDA to approve their 3rd vaccine booster shot that will be highly effective when protecting against the Delta variant of COVID-19. The booster shot is shown to a better protector overall as it is a vaccine booster that should be taken 6 months after your second dose.

Pfizer has acknowledged that people who had been vaccinated in January and February are already showing signs of the vaccine not being as effective. Pfizer’s Chief Medical officer Mikael Dolsen said “There likely is the risk of reinfection as antibodies, as predicted, wane.”

Many people believed that once they get their vaccine they are in the clear forever, but it is not how vaccines work, just like the flu shot you will need to get a booster shot every year to protect yourself.


With the delta variant on the rise, Pfizer is seeing more and more people who have had the vaccine for around 6 months have a less likely chance of not catching the new variant. The booster shot has made Pfizer sure that they can protect against the variant to full efficiency.

The importance of the booster shot is creating antibodies that will help fight against COVID-19 and its variants, the vaccine developers have a 95% efficiency rate when it comes to protecting themselves and have explained that the 3rd booster shot gives you antibodies in 10 fold.

In countries like the UK and Isreal, the pandemic is treating them poorly and their governments have asked Pfizer to create a 3rd booster shot that has a higher efficiency rate.

With a booster shot, people will be more protected and feel more comfortable to resume normal life including travel.