Pilates has become an extremely popular fitness discipline over the past decades, counting millions of practitioners worldwide. This form of exercise strengthens abdominal muscles and helps to keep your body in correct alignment while relieving stress and reducing back, neck and shoulder pain. Read on to learn more about this method, its benefits and where to find the perfect studio to start your practice. 

What is Pilates? Definition of the method 

Pilates is a low-impact exercise method that is intended to enhance muscle tone, increase flexibility and improve posture and balance. It was designed by German-born Joseph Pilates, a strong advocate of the mind-body connection, who combined elements of gymnastics, ballet, yoga and martial arts to create a whole set of movements aiming to boost both mental and physical health. Focusing on core and stability training, controlled breathing and proper form, this exercise system is suitable for people of all ages and distinct fitness levels.

What are its benefits? 

Pilates is a complete and effective workout practice; apart from targeting the core, it stimulates other muscle groups, enhancing overall endurance and muscle strength. It boosts blood circulation, mood and energy levels as well. Besides, it encourages the creation of a deep connection between mind and body, where concentration, attention and mindful movements combine to improve your well-being and increase your self-awareness. This technique is also well-known to help straighten up your back and achieve better balance; building a strong core means stabilizing and supporting your spine while releasing tension from the neck and shoulders, which results in better posture and less back pain. In the end, a regular Pilates practise can play a key role in managing and alleviating stress as it offers the mind the opportunity to unwind, concentrate on the present and get rid of anxious and intrusive thoughts. 

Finding a class

Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking for a sustainable fitness regime or are simply keen to challenge yourself, we’ve got you covered. We have gathered some of Canada’s best Pilates studios to help you get started with your Pilates journey and book your first class. Get a toned, strong body at these great studios in Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and Calgary. 


Beach Pilates: www.beachpilates.ca

MuseMovement: www.musemovement.ca

Core Studio: www.corestudio.ca


Boditree Pilates & Healing: www.boditreepilates.ca

Beyond Pilates: www.beyondpilates.ca

Lagree West: www.lagreewest.com


Studio Espace Pilates: www.escapepilates.ca

Studio  Équilibre: www.equilibrestudio.com

Pilates du Plateau: www.pilatesduplateau.com


Junction9 Yoga & Pilates: www.junction9.ca

Barre Body Studio: www.barrebodystudio.com

Lagree YYC: www.lagreeyyc.com


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