Toronto is a hotspot for cool and unique fitness classes.  With summer officially here, there’s nothing better than checking out some of these workshops to keep up that beach physique, work on finding your inner peace, or just to have a fit and fun good time.

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If you’re looking to FIND YOUR FIERCE, these classes offer a fun dance style workshop that lets you shake and shimmy alongside some of Toronto’s best dancers. Led by the fierce Monica Gold, you’ll get to learn some sexy, badass choreography and embrace your inner goddess on the dance floor. These girls seek to empower each other and the vibes in the class definitely speak to that.

Are you finding yourself always in a rush, stressed out, or just needing to quiet your mind and find your centre for a night?  

Natalie Matias offers meditation and movement classes in difference workplaces and studios in the heart of Toronto. A Moving Manifestation is a unique workshop that ebbs and flows through guided meditation and misfit method movement to allow true intentions to arise and become imprinted into the being.

Your senses awaken in this beautiful experience and you leave knowing and feeling physically and mentally as though every step you’ve taken is a step towards expressing your highest vibration of yourself.


Sometimes I feel like I just need to sweat it out! Whether it’s because of a bad food day, frustrations, or just overall feeling gross, there’s nothing better than the rewarding feeling of sweat.  At SoulCycle I get just that, sweat. And lots of it. SoulCycle offers a fun, extremely intense spin class where you work, work, work it out to upbeat dance music led by outgoing and enthusiastic instructors that keep you moving and your heartbeat rising. You’ll exit the class on wobbly limbs but you’ll also be feeling like a million bucks after proudly completing the class.

Want your best beach body yet? Looking for that full body pump? Want to push yourself harder than ever before? Barry’s Bootcamp is just that. You’ll be thrown into a high-intensity workout that pushes your body to its limits through the use of weights and running drills. The routines offer a mix of strength training and cardiovascular movements that aim to tone muscle, maximize fat loss, and increase your metabolism. You’ll be in classes with like-minded individuals who are there to push themselves, and push themselves hard. The red lighted room, the pulsing music, and the intense instructors combine to create an energetic atmosphere that caters to those who want to challenge themselves physically and mentally. 

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