Lululemon, the official outfitter of Team Canada for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (2022-2028) has just launched the Athlete Kit for The Canadian Team. Just a month ago it was announced that Lululemon had taken over from The Hudsons Bay Company as the official outfitter of The Canadian Olympic Team. 

TeamCanada X Lululemon

Now, Lululemon has released the Athlete Kit, a full range of clothes for the athletes to wear for the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, media and podium. The collection has a story and a meaning of transformation. That transformation is one of courage and strength, all attributes that are needed to compete as an Olympic athlete. 

It was announced that Lululemon will be the official apparel for 4 games, starting in 2022 and ending after the 2028 Los Angeles games. CEO Calvin McDonald stated, “As a Canadian and lifelong fan of the Games, I could not be prouder for lululemon to partner with the Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee.” 

TeamCanada X Lululemon

Lululemon has been creating athletic apparel since 1998, and as it started out as yoga-inspired gear, it has now grown globally as apparel for all types of athletes. “lululemon is an iconic Canadian brand that always leads with athletes at its core—this partnership will be no different, giving Team Canada athletes a world-leading high-performance collection. It’s also a company that puts its values first,” states David Shoemaker, CEO of the COC. 

Starting off right, Lululemon has introduced the Future Legacy Bag which 10% of sales will go to the Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, where dreams become reality, something that is truly aligned with Lululemons core values. Along with these core values, Lululemon is a brand that is committed to designing products that are not only technical but innovative; a product that allows the athlete to feel their best which helps them perform their best.

Team Canada X Lululemon

Not only is Lululemon creating an impact with the support of its athletes, but they have created a team of ambassadors who resemble and embody the same values of the brand as well as being leaders in their respective sports. Some ambassadors you might be cheering for at the Olympics include John Tavares (ice hockey), Brooke D’Hondt (snowboarding), Fred Turgeon (para-alpine skiing, Cassie Sharpe (freestyle skiing) and many many more. 

Opening Ceremony Kit:

The kit is not only the perfect introduction for Lululemon to join Team Canada, but it is the perfect introduction for Canada’s entry into the next Olympic games. The opening ceremony kit is not just a kit made for everyone, it is layered and designed for each individual athlete to be able to represent Team Canada and feel comfortable and confident while doing it. This multi-layered kit has ways to change the looks and the feel based on the athlete’s comfort, adding or subtracting layers to keep warm, cool, comfortable and much more. 

Team Canada X Lululemon

Each kit designed by Lululemon was thought of in a way like no other, from the functionality to the technology, everything put into these kits was about combining the representation of Canada, and showing off what it means to be an Olympic and Paralympic athlete. Down to every detail is a way that Lululemon has gone above and beyond, including in the metaphoric print, which is a microscopic image of a Maple Leaf, now it doesn’t get any more Canadian than that. 

Official Olympic gear and kits are available now on the Lululemon website. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine