The mother of YouTube star Piper Rockelle is being sued for exploiting members of Rockelle’s “Squad.” The mother is facing allegations in regard to emotionally and physically abusing children.

As mentioned here, A dozen teenagers are suing Piper Rockelle’s mom- Tiffany Smith- for allegedly emotionally and physically abusing them. This complaint was filed in January of last year, 2022. These allegations include things like “touching their buttocks” and “mailing her daughter’s underwear to a male fan to ‘sniff it.’

11 teens reportedly from the ‘Piper Squad’ allege that Smith told the minors to try “oral sex and wear clothes to accentuate ‘bulges.’  They are reportedly asking for $2 million from Smith and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill.

According to the allegations, Smith would exploit the minors on Piper’s YouTube page. She would also reportedly make uncomfortable comments about their body parts and encourage them to be “sexually aggressive.” She has also been accused of touching them inappropriately.

Some plaintiffs also allege that they were not paid for appearances on Rockelle’s YouTube channel.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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