This has definitely been my strangest and unfortunately most isolating Fall semester as of yet and along with thousands of other post-secondary students across the globe, I am looking forward to full-time in-person university classes whenever that’s a thing once more! 

As I’m myself struggling to figure out my living arrangements for the upcoming semester, and deciding whether to isolate in my childhood home or sublet with friends from my program closer to my school, I thought I would write up some questions that might help out other college or university students who may be looking for a bit of clarity. Of course, every single person’s situation is unique and this is just a starting off point. 

Hybrid Students

If you have in-person elements to your classes – will it greatly impact your learning, the quality of your program, and future employment if you do not attend in person? 

Fully Online

Are you struggling with learning remotely and feel it would be helpful to live with people from your program/in your classes? Or rather has everything been transitioning mostly well for you online?

Time Zone for Out of Province/State/International Students 

Are you having a lot of trouble keeping up with your classes and homework because of your time difference? 

Will it make a big difference in your learning experience and your overall health to move to the country or province in which your institution is?                                                     

Is it more feasible to instead change your routine to match the time zone of your institution, or perhaps is it better for you to ask your professors to upload asynchronous material that you will do on your own time?

Financial Side

COVID-19 has impacted so many businesses, institutions, and people worldwide and considering costs may be especially helpful depending on your situation. 

Compare your weekly and monthly costs (including rent, food, transport, etc) according to where you’re considering staying. 

Community & Support System

What is your community and support system like where you’re planning on living? 

Are there people you’re isolating with/in your bubble whom you can rely on? 

If you have the option, I would highly recommend having roommates or housemates or family nearby as it can be very isolating to live alone during this time especially if it’s still restricted to see people from outside of your bubble in your area.


Where you’re considering living – do you have easy access to a yard or a green space where you can safely walk or get some fresh air every now and then? 


Do you have access to a grocery store, perhaps various food places (restaurants, convenient stores, coffee places), a pharmacy, a hospital, medical clinics, a dentist, and whichever other in-person services you may need?

Best of luck with your decision-making whatever your situation might be! You’ve got this!