The return of more retro style is here bringing platform shoes to the front of fashion. Wanting to find the perfect shoes to match your outfit, platform shoes are making a comeback and will complete the vibe of your look. 


With a wide array of collections, from chunky flatforms, sky-high boots and a lift to our beloved sneakers. As the recent trend of 70s and 90s style making their way back into contemporary fashion, so do platforms. It’s also why you might think of a disco girl in sky-high boots when you think of platform shoes. But the different collections have got you covered from spring through winter making a year-round availability to get a trendy sensational place in the world of fashion. Let’s take a look at what fashion has to offer to get you to look as amazing as you are.

Sneaker Platforms


The first to show off their stuff this season is platform sneakers. Rapidly gaining popularity these shows are a stylish addition to the regular shoe giving a little ompf to wherever you go. With such a vast variety at your disposal, whether you’re looking for sleek, comfy, fashion-forward or polish, there will be the perfect shoe for you.

The Flatform Sandals


The Flatform Sandals are the perfect summer wear, allowing you to show off your beautiful nails – which you can find out what the current nail trends are for this summer right here – and show off your feet with a pretty statement that highlights your appeal. Seen in the S/S ‘20 collection this footwear can style some retro shades of the 70s through 90s or daunt more elegant apparel with pearl-encrusted straps. Needless to say, these shoes are going to be big this summer and you don’t want to miss out on the trend.

Platform heels

These shoes match confidence with comfort while bringing a style that will literally elevate your look. Being so high, these shoes allow you to not only walk with grace but stride as you stylishly make your way anywhere. Being already so bold, you don’t need to dolly these shoes up, making them an easy addition to your attire. Not only do they look good, but as heels go, they are by far some of the comfiest. The added platform will take some strain off the ball of the foot, allowing you to stay stylish in heels for the entire day.

Platform Boots


Last but definitely not least, Platform Boots are the far sexier variant of the platform bunch. Bringing dominant attention to your legs, these baddies are very eye-grabbing and for good reasons. Being able to stomp out competition these boots will bolster your confidence as you make your way into the public, easily a great shoe to add to your collection.