These makeup hacks haven’t gone out of style!

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The 2000s had a ton of great fashion and beauty inspo- including makeup hacks and tips that we’re still using to this day! Keep reading to find out the top-trending makeup hacks from the 2000s that are still as trendy as ever in 2022.

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Bright eyeshadow colours

The 2000s were all about bright colours! The idea of experimenting with colour and bright shades has migrated over to 2022 in a more playful way, with popular TV shows like Euphoria using colourful makeup to express personality traits and create a bold statement. When it comes to having fun with your makeup, using bold, colourful eyeshadow is always a great way to spice up your look. With spring around the corner, now is the time to test out those bright shades you have been eyeing!


Tons of blush

The 2000s was all about blush, blush, blush! Packing on heavy pink blush was a way to add colour and life to your cheeks, and it’s safe to say this trend has translated over to 2022 in a subtler way- although the intention is still there! Nowadays, blush is still a must-have makeup item to add a hint of colour to the cheeks, but it’s more diffused and typically blends seamlessly into bronzer and highlight to create an all-around glow. Makeup lovers are still fans of packing on blush, but cream blushes have gained popularity in most instances, as they are easier to blend and can be built up in a subtle way that still allows you to rock the trend without going over the top.


Glossy lips

Glossy lips were all the rage in the 2000s Celebs like Britney Spears and Tyra Banks loved to rock glossy lips back then, and this trend has gone nowhere since- it’s still alive and well. For fuller, juicier-looking lips, gloss is still a great way to perfect your pout and add some shine to your overall makeup look.

eye liner

Bold eyeliner

Heavy black liner rimming the upper and lower lash lines was a hot makeup hack in the 2000s to make your eye colour pop. Nowadays, this is a great way to add some drama to your look and is the perfect sultry vibe for a night out on the town.

Monochromatic tones

Matching your eyes, lips, and cheeks to your outfit? Believe it or not, this was a thing in the 2000s. Today, although the trend is not as dramatic, makeup lovers still love to channel a cohesive vibe with more subtle accents. For instance, if you’re wearing a pink top, adding some pink blush and a pink-coloured lip is a great way to tie the look together. If you’re opting for a blue dress, adding some blue shadow can be the perfect addition to accenting your outfit.

Be sure to try out these super fun makeup hacks from the 2000s for your next look!

Published by HOLR Magazine.