Learn how these K-Pop beauty trends have gone viral for their innovative and aesthetically-pleasing outcomes. Watch what wonders are currently going on in the Korean world of beauty.

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The look in question is being the fabulous movie/k-pop star who exudes untouchable youth. Everything we are going to cover today will match that very idea, and how these beauty items are the most trending products in Korea. The main idea behind them is to showcase and enhancing all the youthful aspects of your face in a cute stylish way.

Glass Skin

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When it comes to being untouchable in terms of looks, having the glass skin perfectly sums it up. This provides you with a very youthful, lit-from-with glow. The sheen from your face makes it look as if you are a porcelain doll, made to perfection. This is exactly the idea behind Korean beauty trends, and why this works so well. Similar to the “honey” and “dewy” skin, glass skin aims for the intensely moisturized look that gives off an almost transparent complexion.

Red or Peach Gradient Lip Tint

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The trend of gradient lips is a modern-styled trend that is cute and perfect for a more low-key and/or casual aesthetic. What’s great about it is that it is super easy to do! All you need is to swipe the colours you want in the center of your lips and rub your lips together! The reason why this is trending all over Korea is that it adds to the idea of really youthful, bright vibrant lips adding to the idea of a youthful glow.

Under Eye Glitter!!

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Under-eye glitter is currently all the rage in Korea as it just makes your eyes pop. The glitter really draws attention to your eyes and makes them sparkle. If you use subtle glitter around the eye, it will match the glowing and dewy skin looks. Lastly, placing glitter under your eyes will accentuate the aegyo sal. This is your under-eye fat, and by accentuating it, the glitter creates a really cute innocent look, while also drawing others’ attention to your eyes.

These are the top 3 K-pop beauty trends that have gone viral. Each aspect is used to enhance the other as all three draw attention to a youthful appearance while creating a very cute aesthetic. If you wanna learn about other viral beauty trends, click here.

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