Prince Adrian Dagdag Twitter video what happened? 

Prince Adrian Dagdag Twitter Video

According to this related article, Filipino entrepreneur and social media star, Prince Adrian Dagdag, is allegedly getting caught up in a viral social media controversy after video footage allegedly showed him engaging in a physical altercation.

Prince Adrian Dagdag TikTok

Prince Adrian also has a strong social media presence on TikTok (@imadriandagdag16).

Prince Adrian Dagdag Viral Video Twitter

As the article claims, the drama seemingly began to unfold earlier this year, when video footage reportedly showcased Prince Adrian taking part in a physical altercation and dispute that instantly sparked controversy online. It is unclear why the 24-year-old was in this alleged dispute or who it was with- if with anyone else. This article claims that Prince Adrian was involved in a fight with another person- who reportedly remains unidentified. This article states that the hashtag, #PrinceAdrianControversy started spreading online on platforms such as Twitter, following video footage circulating on the internet.

There are only a few details that have been made known to the public, such as where the altercation took place- supposedly at the Manila nightclub.

It remains unclear why or how this physical alteration and dispute took place, as well as who it reportedly involves. The legitimacy of the alleged video evidence reportedly involving Prince Adrian also remained unknown. Supposedly, this article states that the TikTok video does not include a “clear voice” so it is unclear what exactly is going on or who else is supposedly involved in this alleged event.

What do you think of these rumors surrounding Prince Adrian Dagdag reportedly getting caught engaging in a physical altercation and dispute? Keep in mind that this is all alleged information and video footage remains unclear.

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