Priyanka Chopra polyp-removal surgery

As a guest on Howard Stern Show on May 1, Priyanka Chopra opened up about the polyp-removal surgery that changed her life completely, E! News notes.

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The actress recalled undergoing a polyp-removal surgery that affected her mental health and put her “into a deep, deep depression.” “It was a dark phase. This thing happens, and my face looks completely different, and I went into a deep, deep depression.” Priyanka said, the same source notes.

After the surgery the actress was fired from several movies as her face was looking completely different, she added. However, she followed her father’s advice and got a second procedure. “I was terrified of that, but he was like, ‘I will be in the room with you. He held my hands through it and helped me build back my confidence.” she mentioned.

Priyanka Chopra before botched surgery

Priyanka Chopra


This is not the first time Priyanka addresses the surgery that affected her mental health. The actress opened up about the nose surgery in her book, Unfinished. “I was having trouble breathing. This is a problem someone with asthma can’t ignore.” Priyanka wrote. Then, a doctor found a “polyp in my nasal cavity that would need to be surgically removed.” she added, as noted by People.

However, during the seemingly “routine” surgery, the doctor “accidentally shaved the bridge” of her nose and changed her appearance completely. “While shaving off the polyp, the doctor also accidentally shaved the bridge of my nose and the bridge collapsed. When it was time to remove the bandages and the condition of my nose was revealed, Mom and I were horrified. My original nose was gone. My face looked completely different. I wasn’t me anymore.” the actress continued.

In addition, the surgery made her feel “devastated and hopeless” and to correct the damage done to her face, she had to undergo several other surgeries.

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