Vladimir Putin Meets Xi Jinping Russia

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, made his first trip abroad since being re-elected for an unprecedented third term, to visit Vladimir Putin in Moscow at the Kremlin. The visit comes just days after the International Criminal Court called for the arrest of Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. Putin and Jinping had informal talks for 4.5 hours on Monday ahead of more formal meetings on Tuesday, March 21st.

During the meeting, Xi expressed his support for Putin’s reelection and stated that China and Russia have similar goals. Putin, in turn, praised China’s proposals for resolving the Ukraine conflict and said he viewed them with respect. He also expressed admiration for China’s effective system for developing the economy and strengthening the state.

Bladimir Putin Xi Meeting

The timing of Xi’s visit was criticized by Washington, which claimed that Beijing was providing Moscow with diplomatic cover to commit additional crimes. The United States remains concerned that Xi would reiterate calls for a ceasefire in Ukraine that would benefit Moscow by allowing Russian forces to remain inside Ukrainian territory.

The West has criticized Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, and the International Criminal Court has accused Putin of war crimes for deporting children from Ukraine. Moscow denies these allegations, saying it has taken in orphans to protect them. Beijing has dismissed the arrest warrant as reflecting double standards.

The Chinese leader’s personal support for Putin’s reelection has added significance, given the timing of the visit. While China has released a proposal to solve the Ukraine crisis, it has been largely dismissed in the West as a ploy to buy Putin time to regroup his forces and solidify his grip on occupied land.

Xi’s visit to Moscow highlights the close relationship between China and Russia and its potential implications for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The West remains concerned about the support provided by China to Russia and continues to call for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

Image Credit: Reuters Institute Digital News Report

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