The clothes and jewelry pieces you pair with your outfit can boost your confidence. These pieces help express your personality while still being stylish. And by choosing the right parts, you can adorn your body, accessorize, and add extra beauty to your life. In some instances, jewelry is essential due to its significance.

This article would discuss some of the must-have pieces in your jewelry box for 2022.


  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

The old tale of diamonds being a girl’s best friend has always been right. However, getting different diamond pieces can get quite pricey for other occasions. Hence, diamond stud earrings are the perfect piece for every setting, from casual to elegant. 

These pieces are a worthwhile luxurious investment that provides you with versatility. When buying diamond stud earrings, it’s essential to consider the four Cs—cut, color, carat, and clarity.

Get a pair in the H-J color range. And for the best value, opt for I1 clarity. As for the cut, look for the studs that sparkle. Your setting style should be comfortable and safe for your ears. However, if your budget can’t meet the asking price of a mined diamond stud earring, opt for a lab-created diamond that’s affordable and sustainable.


  1. Tennis Bracelets

This piece of jewelry needs a permanent place in your jewelry box come 2022. Tennis bracelets exude elegance, thanks to their delicate bracelet set with tiny white diamonds. They also come in different settings—the color of precious stones, metals, and thickness, depending on your style.

You can have your bracelet made of white gold, platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. If you’re looking for a stylish bracelet, this should be your top choice for 2022. It’s light to put on, not tight around your wrists, and comes in various sizes.


  1. Rings

Rings of different designs and assortments are a must-have piece in your jewelry box. You can opt to get your ring made with either diamonds or gemstones that never go out of style. However, gemstone rings are amongst the best trends of 2022, with sapphires, emeralds, and rubies being the most popular. 

Some trending rings include eternity rings with their original design and distinctive sparkle. The beauty of eternity rings lies in the small diamonds placed throughout the round instead of a center stone. 

And with the tides shifting from the classic halo style rings to other alternatives, you should consider adding the double-banded calls with space between the bands, leaving the center stone looking like it’s floating. 

As for a ring setting, the cathedral style has risen in popularity due to its unique style. The classic arches of the cathedrals appear more prominent and add significant height and sophistication.


  1. Necklaces

The trending necklace pieces for 2022 are more oversized and colorful than the average necklace to boost your mood. You can go for necklaces made from earthly elements such as turquoise as they’ve become a great attraction for the spring season. 

Necklaces shaped as hoops may become a popular beach accessory. Their light and bright nature will add the wow factor without weighing them down. You can draw attention to your neckline with a choker made of different materials such as minimalist metal and other designs. If you enjoy chain-linked jewelry, then chunky chains are expected to trend in 2022, with more prominent being better.


  1. Wrist Watches

Pre-owned luxury watches have risen in popularity for their unique and vintage style. These watches open your options to the brand, model, quality, and style that makes for an excellent investment. You won’t only have a unique piece, but it’ll also be timeless and trendy.


Bottom Line

Jewelry pieces have always been a way of expressing one’s personality while still accessorizing. It can also increase your confidence and boost your mood. As a result, you must have pieces for 2022 such as diamond stud earrings that are perfect for all occasions.

The simple tennis bracelet is the next must-have piece, which exudes elegance for its delicate bracelet and tiny white diamonds. Rings have always been a staple piece, and getting eternity rings made of gemstones will keep you in trend come 2022. 

As for your neckpieces, colorful and oversized necklaces are trending right now, with people opting for earthly elements. Go for chunky chains either in chocker or chain style, with more significant being better. As for your watch, pre-owned watches are famous for their unique and vintage styles. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you look for the best jewelry for your looks.