Putting together a nursery is one of the most delightful tasks future parents look forward to when expecting a baby. And since this is where your child will spend more than half of their first year of life, this involves making some crucial decisions, like choosing the perfect crib mattress. Naturally, you will want to keep your baby in their bed as safe as possible, which means keeping specific safety considerations in mind when buying their bedding. Here are some of the top mattress qualities that are worth looking for.


Nowadays, cribs and mattresses are sold as a set, so if you are buying everything new, you won’t have to worry about measurements or gaps. With a second-hand bed, the matter is a little bit more complicated. You should measure the interior of the crib and then look for bedding that fits those exact measurements. Whether you have a standard-size crib or a modified one, the mattress you put in it should fit snugly against the frame. Check how much space is between the bedding and the crib wall, and if you can’t fit more than two fingers in the gap, there won’t be any chance for your baby’s head to slip in there. The depth of the mattress will depend on its construction, but this does not determine its firmness. For example, coil-spring models are usually thicker, while foam crib mattresses are thinner and lighter. If you want bedding that’s easier to lift when you’re changing sheets, go with the thinner ones.


When choosing the material of a crib mattress, you should ideally aim for the healthiest option possible. Creating an environment that is free of toxic chemicals means investing in bedding made from organic elements. Or, if your budget doesn’t allow models with the newest certification for organic origins, you could always opt for natural, breathable materials. Some people prefer using models with a waterproof and mold-resistant vinyl or polyethylene surface to spare the costs of an additional cover. On the other hand, these may contain chemicals in their top layers and aren’t as durable as the cotton ones. As you can see, there is no perfect crib mattress material that fits everyone’s wants and needs. However, with careful research and some wise budgeting, you will be able to find a satisfactory solution to keep your child safe and sound in their bed.


Generally, there are two different mattress constructions you can choose from innerspring and foam. The innerspring models have several layers of diverse cushioning materials like cotton, polyester, and foam above the coils. This makes them resilient and sturdy – and a generally good investment for dual-use purposes. When considering this option, look into models with a higher coil count and possibly metal border roads around the edges. Foam mattresses are typically made from polyurethane, which makes them the least expensive option. However, when choosing this type, you want to make sure it’s resilient enough to accommodate a growing child’s movements. 


Firm mattresses are generally better to sleep on for people of all ages. When it comes to babies, the firmer the surface they sleep on, the better. Overly soft sleeping surfaces create a suffocation hazard for infants, and they won’t allow your baby to get the rest they need. Test the firmness of the cushioning by pressing in its center and around the edges. Release the mattress quickly and see how fast it snaps back. If it resumes its original position immediately, it will be firm enough for a newborn.

Dual Use

Some mattresses are reversible, with a firmer side for babies younger than 12 months old, and a more cushioned side for toddlers still using the crib. Even though they are slightly costlier, these 2-for-1 solutions are a very economical option, and they will last until your child transitions to a standard toddler bed. Opt for one that has its sides marked, so you will know which side to use when. It’s also recommended to consult with a pediatrician before flipping to the softer, more comfortable side to avoid any possibility of suffocation. 

Hopefully, this article will provide you with enough guidance on choosing the ideal crib mattress and help you make an informed decision. The perfect sleeping environment is essential for your baby’s growth and development. You can ensure they get the quality sleep they need by making them comfortable and safe in their crib. Good quality mattresses are designed to provide the maximum comfort level for your little bundle of joy and will last for a very long time, so they are definitely worth splurging for.